Plano Protective Order

Divorces can be stressful. An initiation of divorce can sometimes cause parties to resort to domestic violence. In some other cases, one of the spouses may make exaggerated or false claims on the same. Either way, our Plano protective order lawyer can help, whether it is to have a protective order issued or a false order revoked.

How are protective orders issued?

To have protective order issued, the party should prove to the court that there has been an act of family violence committed by the other party, and that it is likely to commit the same in the future if an order is not issued. The evidence can be in the form of threatening messages, signs of physical abuse like bruises or testimony from eyewitnesses. There are both temporary and final protective orders; the former can be issued without a hearing, while the latter requires a hearing. In the event that a protective issue has been issued, the offender may be restrained from going to the employment place or residence of the victim, and getting in touch with them. These restrictions may be extended to the victim’s children as well, prohibiting the offender from meeting the child or going to the child’s school. If the offender lives with the applicant, the court may ask the them to vacate.

In addition, the offender loses the license to bear arms immediately after the protective order is issued; this may be permanent or temporary and is imposed to protect the victim from danger and violence.

Protective orders can be a tricky affair, since they include criminal and family law. It is not uncommon for offenders to be charged with criminal assault when the perpetrator resorts to acts of domestic violence. Our Plano Protective Order Lawyer has the experience and expertise to handle such cases.

  • If you have been served a protection order from the court regarding a family member, then you should immediately get in touch with an attorney who focuses in family law. The court hearings are usually scheduled quickly, and you want to make sure that you have the right attorney representing you, so they can have the terms rescinded or altered.
  • If you are on the other side and want to seek protection from a family member who wants to either harm you or other members of the family, then get in touch with our Plano lawyers right away.
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