An official Adoption is where the duties and rights of the biological parents of the child in question are terminated and transferred to the adopting parents. An adoption can be a wonderful time, where a new member comes into the family. However, the adoption process has many complexities, all of which require attention to the details that the court requires to complete the process. This is where a adoption lawyer can assist you.

Texas adoption Family Code

The Texas Family Code governs adoption processes in Texas, providing guidelines for termination of parental rights, consent, and relinquishment. Understanding these laws is crucial for a smooth adoption process.

Circumstances for Parental Rights Termination

According to the Family Code in Texas law, there are about 16 circumstances in which the parental rights of the natural parents can be terminated. These situations involve voluntarily renouncing rights, abandonment of child, or jeopardizing the physical and/or emotional development of the child.

Consent and Relinquishment Process

The easiest approach is when parent intending to adopt gets the consent of the natural parents prior to the adoption, the natural parents would sign a relinquishment of their rights, which effectively terminates the parental relationship between them and the child.

Exceptions to Consent Requirement

If the parents are not willing to sign a relinquishment of their rights, there are some exceptions that allow their rights to be terminated without the consent of the biological parents. For example, when the natural parents are not present or their whereabouts are unknown.

Grounds for Termination

The adoption can move forward in such cases once certain grounds for termination are successfully met. A simple example is a default, that is when, the natural parent fails to respond to the citation and the court finds that their rights should be terminated for failing to respond to such a serious lawsuit.

Types of Adoption


Variability of Adoption Situations

The situations presented by each adoption vary. In some cases, it may be a straightforward process where the biological parent of the child may have passed away and a relative chooses to adopt the child, or the adoption could involve adoption through a private agency.

Challenges in Cases of Neglect and Refusal

In some other cases, the biological parent may show neglect of the child, yet refuse to hand over parental rights. This is a far more delicate situation and may require the party intending to adopt the child to prove that the biological parent has failed to contact or provide child support over six months.

Adoption of Adults with Special Needs

In some other cases, the adoption may involve an adult versus a child where family members may decide to adopt an adult who is mentally handicapped or suffers from other debilitating conditions. Our law firm will work with you to assess the situation and determine the best move for adoption that works in the best interests of you, the individual being considered for adoption. We will ensure that your rights will be protected throughout the process.

Overview of Adoption Options

Our Plano adoption lawyer will offer a clear overview of the options at hand to assist the adoption process. Our law firm has experience in adoption cases that involve step-parent adoptions, grandparent adoptions, private adoptions, and adoptions from other relatives.

Legal Assistance and Support

They will help you identify all the requirements to be eligible for adoption, see you through the process of termination of parental rights of the biological parents, and carry out the required paperwork and court appearances.

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