Divorces are always a troubling matter, which involves a large amount of stress and burden on both the parties. Divorces are generally stressful and painful, but are sometimes required to sustain sanity and peace of mind for the two contentious parties. While divorces might be a tormenting procedure, the financial split turns out to be one of the worst parts of any divorce. Divorces can be an expensive affair. A divorce can tap into your life savings and shake up your finances if you do not have the right guidance.

The Need For Estimated Fees

Divorce rates have been growing in the last decade, more often couples ae getting divorced and they don’t even have an estate to fight over. Divorce rates have been causing many people to even declare bankruptcy, which has long lasting and far reaching effects on your future. If you goal is to keep your fees down and avoid a costly battle, an uncontested divorce might be the right option for you.

What Qualifies as an Agreed or Uncontested Divorce?

In an uncontested, agreed divorce, the attorneys don’t do the negotiating. Basically the couple comes to terms with how they want to handle their assets, debts, children and support. One of the parties then hires the attorney to “paper” up the case. Basically, the attorney just ensures the documents properly reflect the agreement and that the procedures for the divorce are followed.

If the attorney has to negotiate or otherwise “argue” the case, in a court or a mediation setting, then the case is no longer uncontested and the flat fee will be converted to a retainer or flat fee payment for services already provided.

The Benefits of Estimated Fee

Estimated fee agreed divorce is different from a regular divorce in that a flat fee doesn’t require a retainer. We charge up front clear pricing for an agreed divorce.

Uncontested Agreed Divorce (Does not include Court costs or filing fees)

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