Child Custody Modification
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A Child Custody Order is not fixed or unchangeable; life’s events or changes in circumstances that are no longer in the child’s best interest, serve as a basis for custody modification. Brian Andrade provides passionate legal counsel and personalized attention to clients seeking to modify existing orders or secure the rights they obtained in the initial order.

Under what circumstances can orders be modified?

Child custody modification can be filed by either parent at any time, in the court that granted the divorce. The process can be achieved quickly if both parties mutually consent to pursuing modification. In this case, the court reviews the modifications and – in most cases – approves it, upon which the order becomes enforceable. Where parents disagree on the need for modifying the order, the case will go before the judge.

If you seek to modify your child's custody order, you must demonstrate that:

  • The child is twelve years old, and wants a change in the primary caregiver (in this case, the court must confer with the child)
  • There has been a material and substantial change in circumstances. For instance, if you have been laid off or affected by illness, I can immediately file a motion to lower child support.
  • The changes proposed would be in the child’s best interest. In this case, a court-appointed attorney (Amicus attorney) may assist in determining what serves the child’s best interests, given the circumstances.

If your child is under twelve years of age and does not wish for a change in primary caregiver, then the instances reflecting a material and substantial change in circumstance then you need an intelligent attorney to build your case around one or more of these factors: job relocation, medical conditions, substance abuse, neglect or abuse of the child by either parent, changes in parents’ marital status, and unemployment.

I am an Experienced Plano Child Custody Modification Lawyer staying on the pulse of legislative changes and scrutinizing landmark judgments concerning family law to build a strong case and achieve the outcome you seek.

I work closely with you to provide evidence that’s necessary to prevail in Court. When the case is complicated and you need someone with a solid head on their shoulders who will believe in you and your cause, then you need a trusted Plano child custody modification lawyer, such as Brian Andrade.

I make a strong case for child support modification

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