Brian Andrade provides professional legal counsel and representation in marital and child custody conflict cases with the aim of helping clients benefit from avenues best-suited to their situation. I work closely with you to cut through the stress and emotions for decisions that serve your interests and that of your children. I am a skilled Dallas mediation lawyer with a focused portfolio in family law.

What is 'mediation' in Texas divorce cases?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution intended to help parties reach a settlement through a neutral third-party instead of a judge. Mediation can be voluntarily arranged by the spouses or required in response to a court order. It doesn’t typically apply to an uncontested matter.

Many Texas counties require contested parties to attend mediation prior to the final hearing. Mediation has a high success rate in resolving divorces and can help make future interactions with the other party easier. It is also less time-consuming and expensive than a contested matter. A party can try to object to mediation, but most Court’s require the parties to attempt mediation before they will assign them a trial setting.

A trusted Dallas mediation lawyer

I have a strong track-record of mediating successful settlements in matters of divorce, child custody and visitation, and property division. You will make decisions in a supportive environment of open communication and objective assessments. I advise you about your rights in a mediation case, and develop a settlement scenarios prior to mediation to better prepare us for the outcome.

Divorce representation tailored to individual client needs

The prospect of a potential courtroom battle is daunting for spouses in a contested divorce. Brian Andrade provides sensitive and passionate advocacy through every step of the process, from patiently guiding you about your rights and options to helping you set your divorce goals and building a strong case for the best possible outcome.

I take a comprehensive and holistic view of your case to deliver legal counsel and representation aligned to your unique situation. My focused expertise and personalized attention have assisted clients with mediation and negotiation, the client can then enjoy peace of mind knowing that they can move on with their lives without regrets.

Experienced Dallas child custody and visitation attorney

Parents are rightfully most concerned about how a legal separation may affect their children’s financial and emotional security. Texas family law has provisions in place to safeguard the best interests of the children of parents contesting custody. However the law is complex, and a Dallas mediation lawyer’s legal expertise is invaluable in helping you understand your options and preparing you for the most likely outcome.

I have experience pursuing mediation in matters of child custody and visitation. I have also contested child custody and visitation with a high rate of success, and a focus on ensuring a non-disruptive and non-confrontational process for you.

Brian Andrade’s communication channels are always open to address your inquiries or update you on the status of your case.

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