Special Needs Children

Of all the matters discussed during a divorce or child custody case, the question of child conservatorship and possession is the most heart wrenching. The children can’t fathom why their parents cannot stay together. They might blame themselves for it. Inside the world of child custody and support, a more delicate and specific situation occurs when a child has special needs and disabilities. This issue requires the utmost care and empathy, which I can provide.

Whenever child custody and support comes up for discussion, the needs of children with disabilities should be given the highest attention. The court, the parents and the lawyers should ensure that special needs children can have a stable lifestyle even after the divorce or family separation. There are many issues involved like ensuring continued finance for medications, visits to the doctor, payment of medical costs and even transportation. Sometimes, the requirements of care for a child with a disability will require the primary care giver to spend almost all their time with the child.

Top class legal advice for special needs children

My firm can help you design a special support and custody plan for your special needs child, to ensure that the child’s needs are taken care of, even after the case is completed. We will also address who is best suited to take care of the child, including increasing child support to ensure that the special needs child is well cared for. The court with our advocacy will also focus to ensure that justice is done, vis-à-vis regards to the special needs child, when it comes to custody, support and visitation rights.

Note that in Texas, child support is based on the Family Code statutes and at times the needs exceed the standard support. You will need a solid attorney to advocate for extra support outside of the guidelines.

If you don’t want to drag your children though the court process, there are other methods to resolve these issues and we will be happy to discuss them with you. In special needs cases, the best solution is usually an agreement, that way both parents can be involved in the process of supporting their child.

Alternative Dispute services also provided

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