Individuals seeking to establish paternity or challenge an allegation of paternity rely on Brian Andrade for legal counsel and favorable outcomes. As an experienced Dallas paternity lawyer and a solo practitioner, I bring my own experience as a single dad to advise clients and advocate for them.

Why establish paternity?

For unmarried couples, establishing paternity is a crucial step towards creating a legal relationship between a father and his child. It makes the child eligible for support and such benefits as health insurance, Social Security and Veteran Survivor benefits. Additionally, legal paternity also secures the father’s parental rights in the event of a separation between the couple. The services of an experienced Dallas paternity lawyer are indispensable in protecting the rights of both mothers and fathers in child custody, support and visitation cases.

A comprehensive approach to paternity issues

If two parents are responsible for creating the child, then both are also responsible for raising and providing for the child. Any disputes in this regard necessitate legal intervention to deliver to the mother/father or child what is rightfully his or hers under Texas paternity law. I go the extra mile to protect the rights of persons trying to establish or refute parentage. Whether you’re a man who is positive that he is the father or a woman who wants to prove that a man is the father of your child, my professional counsel is exactly what you need.

Seek child support?

A Dallas paternity lawyer can take you through the entire process.

Brian Andrade represents women looking to establish paternity rights for the purpose of receiving child support. I help clients obtain a court-ordered DNA test, and provide immediate assistance in circumstances where the client may be pregnant or recently had a child, and wants to prove parentage to get income support for her child.

Want to challenge a paternity allegation?

Community property is all property determined to be separate property of the individuals. This will apply regardless of whether one of the couple has his or her name only on a property. All community property is to be divided in a ‘just and like’ manner’. Typically, all such property will be divided 50/50, but depending the facts of your case, the court could split this unequally to effectuate a just and right division.

For example, there is a provision for disproportionate division (not a 50/50 division). If the divorce is the fault of one of the spouses (committing adultery or being cruel to his or her partner), the judge may go for disproportionate division. Another reason for disproportionate division could be, one of the spouses is earning significantly more than the other (only one of the spouses is earning, the other is staying at home).

Seek to sort out a paternity dispute involving older children?

It is not uncommon for some paternity cases to surface when the children are older. If you find yourself in a situation where the father wants to be a part of your child’s life, and you want to prevent visitation or custody, I can help. If you’re an estranged father, my expertise will be invaluable in helping you gain visitation.

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