I was a family law client for years before I became a family law attorney, so I know how it feels to need the help of a trusted professional.
I care about my clients, and their cases. Which is why I work hard to communicate all the details of their cases to them as well as respond to all their questions. I truly feely my clients understand how hard I work for them and it shows in their own words below.

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  • brian andrade testimonials
  • brian andrade testimonials
Client Testimonials of Brian M. Andrade

Exceptional representation with compassion

Mr. Andrade is an exceptional lawyer. Not only did he handle my case with the dignity and respect I felt it deserved, he also showed compassion for the situation that most lawyers do not. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Brian, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation.

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Excellent Honest Person

Brian is a great lawyer who takes time to respond to his clients. He is honest and upfront with what to expect. He isn't going to tell you to do something just to do it. He takes his time and puts in careful thought on how to approach each situation. Brian does a good job in this area by accessing, analyzing and planning carefully for different situations that may occur. He will provide you a options on how to approach and deal with issues. I like the fact that he can look at things objectively and provide feedback on the best route possible for his client to move forward in.

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Excellent Attorney

Brian did my Divorce and was extremely helpful throughout the process. Getting a divorce was very stressful but Brian helped cut down the stress by keeping me informed of each step of the process and gave realistic time frames of when different steps needed to take place. he is a great attorney

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lost and in the dark

A super intelligent professional , Very humble and respectable person... alway kept me informed listened to my Needs and fought for the honest intrest of my children might I add delt with my emotions an they were very high strung lol but he stayed professional and focused cant get any better than this man Is fair priced well under valued for the work hedose for families going through this kind of change but he stays professional and caring to All aspects of my case to time with my children a Cost to persue An effective close of my case ....hated to meet Brian in these circumstances he treated me more like a friend than a paying client ...now im no longer lost and in the dark I saw my boys smile so I owe him more thn I could have ever paid. #great lawyer ...would have been a better friend... Brian for president lol ...keep up the good work We need good men to fight for us in these matters an Brian is the best in my book due to the circumstances of my case it was his greatest task and he came out like the champion he is ...thans again Brian u are the best

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Excellent Trial Lawyer

Mr. Andrade is very talented with great experience on trail ! As a client, I am impressed with his respectful attitude toward ALL people while getting the best possible outcome for my case.

He is capable of working under short timeline with great presssure and staying focus until the result been reached. He listens to his client and is easy to work with. I am please to have him on my side.

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Excellent Attorney and Ethical - Yes!!

Mr. Andrade is very knowledgeable. Respects your opinion. Values your input. Very collaborative. Always your well wisher. As a client, I am pleased with his respectful attitude toward both parties while getting the best possible outcome for me. He is easy to work with. I am please to have him on my side. I would recommend him.

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Great Attorney

Brain is a very precise person and is very well educated in what he does. He committed to his client and very supportive. Thank you Brian.

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Review for Brian Michael Andrade

Brian Andrade was recommended to me by my Mom's lawyer. He answered all of my questions, he responded to me in a timely matter, he was very professional. I would recommend him to others, and will keep using him for future.

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Scott vs. Dowen

Brian is incredibly knowledgeable and level headed. I appreciated how he could walk me through an issue and my options. He was always the calming factor for me to help me not panic during an extremely stressful time.

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