Disclaimer And Privacy Policy

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

The principal offices of Andrade Law Firm, PLLC is 522 Bishop Avenue, Richardson TX 75081

Content contained on this web site has been written or collected by Andrade Law Firm, PLLC and its representatives or principals, the content is for informational purposes only. The Content contained herein is not intended to be and is not considered to be legal advice, nor as proposing any type of transaction. Any Legal advice of any nature should be obtained from attorney, since each case has specific facts that can alter the advice provided.
No communication between you and Andrade Law Firm via this web site, email, email submission, should be interpreted as establishing an attorney/client relationship.

WARNING: Do not use the email addresses, submission boxes or other forms of electronic communication found on this website to send any privileged or confidential information. Internet messages can be intercepted. Further, the confidentiality of information received outside of an attorney/client relationship is not protected, therefore confidential information should only be communicated AFTER the formation of the attorney client relationship.

In order to protect relationships with our current and former clients, Andrade Law Firm, PLLC. must follow procedures before agreeing to represent anyone in a particular matter.

Until an agreement is signed between you and Andrade Law Firm, PLLC, you should not consider any communication with us by letter, facsimile transmission, telephone, Internet, e-mail or otherwise as privileged or confidential.

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