Brian Andrade provides experienced and aggressive representation in the area of child support to secure the financial benefits your children deserve.

Plano Child Support Lawyer

Any Plano Child Support Lawyer worth his/her salt will tell you that child support must be approached with the right attitude as it is central to a child’s economic well-being. The state’s child support laws safeguard the rights and interests of the party’s children in the midst of a divorce or custody case. Under Texas law, either or both parents may be ordered to support a child until he/she turns eighteen or graduates from high school. In a majority of the cases, the individual who does not have primary possession/custody of the child is obligated to pay child support.

Unfortunate as it may sound, it is not uncommon for one parent to contest the amount of child support or refuse to pay on time or in full. When faced with this scenario, I explore and leverage all possible legal means to provide you the financial relief you seek.

In the situation where a parent appropriately challenges the amount I can work with the parent to ensure that they are not overpaying beyond the guidelines.

Calculation of child support in Texas

The amount of child support is calculated by multiplying the paying parent’s net income by a statutory percentage, as shown below:

For six or more children, the percentage is raised by another five percent or more till it reaches 50 percent.

In the event that the paying parent’s net income exceeds $8,500 per month, the child support calculations are applicable only to the first $8,500, and after that, additional support may be ordered by the court only if the proven needs of the child necessitate such support.

Personalized attention from an experienced Plano child support lawyer

I assist with child support assessment and enforcement issues, with the goal of pursuing the best legal options available for your unique case. I explain the process to you and provide skilled legal counsel every step of the way. My goal is the same as yours: ensuring that your child/children are never short-changed and the non-custodial parent consistently follows child support orders. Or ensuring that you are not overpaying support and can provide for yourself or other family members.

Brian Andrade provides Plano child support lawyer services, these services include modification of support orders, enforcement of orders, challenging orders and entering judgment on arrears. I am personally familiar with the process, and I don’t hesitate to apply my personal insights to win you the best possible outcome.

Schedule your appointment today and we’ll get cracking on your case at the earliest. Your child’s present and future depends on it.


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