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Default Divorce

Sometimes the world moves too fast and you miss a date, or you are overwhelmed with the idea of going to court and you hope it will just go away. This type of avoidance will usually end up in a default judgment. A default judgment basically means you did not oppose the requests of the other party and therefore the …

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Define “income” for calculating child support

Sometimes I have clients that are trying to understand what streams of money or resources is used when determining child support. The question can be complicated based on where the resources come from and a factual determination may need to be made to give a definitive answer. The Texas Family code defines income as follows: Sec. 154.062. NET RESOURCES. (a) …

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Uncontested Divorce, How much?

Uncontested Divorce, How much? Often times clients ask me, “How much for an agreed divorce?”, sadly my answer is usually, “Depends.” The question always leads to additional follow up questions, such as, do you have kids? do you own property? do you have investment accounts that need to be divided? Will your spouse actually agree to all the terms you …

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